A great way to relax at Schaepsgerwe B&B

At Rita’s Schaepsgerwe B&B, the focus is on relaxing and having a good time. The beautiful Meetjesland region is situated between Ghent and Bruges. You’ll find Schaepsgerwe B&B in Eeklo, the heart of the Meetjesland. The railway station and shopping centre are just a 15-minute walk away. Sit on our terrace and enjoy a local beer or soft drink, while the children play to their heart’s content in the garden. At night you’ll sleep like a baby in one of our guestrooms. And don’t forget to look out for our special offers.

Cycling, walking and generally enjoying yourself

The Meetjesland is a hidden pearl, complete with countless little streams, lovely villages and intriguing castles. It’s the ideal place to unwind, by bike, or foot or in a wheelchair. There’s something for everyone. You can use this site to find more information about walking or cycling through the local area, as well as discovering our cultural heritage. Relaxation guaranteed for the whole family.

Everyone’s welcome

Everyone’s welcome at Schaepsgerwe B&B – whether you want to be alone or are looking for some company. Can’t do without your pet? No problem: well-behaved pets are also welcome and they can even sleep with their master or mistress in the room. Don’t forget to bring an appropriate travel basket and food for your pet. Our cats are very sociable and love to keep everyone company.

Gluten-free or other diet?

If you are allergic to gluten or other types of food, just let us know beforehand and we will cater for you accordingly. As part of the “Gluten-Free Meetjesland” project, we and the other participating restaurants serve proper gluten-free meals. So you can leave that box full of special food at home – we’ll take good care of you here.

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