Allergic to gluten?

Schaepsgerwe B&B - Eeklo - Gluten-free For anyone who is allergic to gluten or other dietary component, going on holiday can often be a major challenge. Finding the right food in a hotel or restaurant is by no means easy. In fact often it’s easier to take a suitcase full of the right food with you. “Gluten-free Meetjesland” offers you a great solution. As a participant in this project, Schaepsgerwe B&B also serves a proper gluten-free breakfast, packed lunch and home-cooked evening meal.

Without a care in the world while you’re away

Schaepsgerwe B&B not only offers a solution for people with a gluten intolerance, but we also serve the right food for other allergies, diabetics or people with special dietary requirements. Just let us have a list of any food intolerances you may have beforehand and we will make sure that you can enjoy a worry-free stay in the Meetjesland. Our prices for hot meals and packed lunches are the same for everyone. Take a look under ‘Accommodation’.

Partners of “Gluten-free Meetjesland”

Enjoy eating out? Well, you can in the Meetjesland, too! Ask us for the list of restaurants participating in “Gluten-free Meetjesland”. The project also works with Allervita, which supplies delicious pastries and bread that are gluten-free or dairy-free, as required.

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