Wonderful Meetjesland!

Schaepsgerwe B&B - Eeklo - Environment With its broad and varied landscapes, the Meetjesland is the ideal place to come and unwind. You can cycle or walk to your heart’s content along the many streams and canals, breathe in the forest air and enjoy the polder landscapes, reed borders and woody banks. Dream your time away in fairytale castles and explore our picture-perfect villages. The names speak for themselves: Waterland-Oudeman, Nevele, Watervliet, Bellem, Zomergem, Sint-Jan-In-Eremo. Come and discover the poetry of this little-known, but always surprising part of Flanders. Read more about it in the section on heritage.

Cycle and ramble to your heart’s content

There is no shortage of cycling and walking tracks in the Meetjesland. Discover where the best routes are by visiting the tourist office. The best known among them are the ‘De Lieve Vertelt’ (‘Love Tells a Story’ and ‘De Kreken Spreken’ (‘The Streams Speak’). There are sound clips and guided tours for adults and children alike. Read more about cycling and rambling.

‘Het Leen’ provincial estate

This little piece of forgotten paradise is ideal for wonderful walks! There are a number of themed walks and other activities for young and old. And because it has a number of concrete paths, Het Leen can also be accessed by wheelchair users. After a brisk walk, you can always visit the coffee shop for a refreshment, snack or meal.

The forest information centre can provide you with more details about the forest itself and the unique character of this corner of natural beauty. You’ll get a better insight into the past, present and future of the estate. In addition to a permanent exhibition about the forest, there are also always temporary displays.

The arboretum is world renowned for it many species of tree. In the springtime, the blossom is a wonder in its own right.

Take a ride aboard the steam train

In Maldegem you’ll find a charming little station dating from 1862 that has been converted into a living steam museum. All that puffing and clouds of steam will take you back in time fifty years. During the season, you can take the steam train from Maldegem to Eeklo! You’ll find more information here.

Inhale culture in the Canada museum

The Canada museum was founded out of gratitude for the Polish and Canadian liberators during the Second World War. This private museum tells the story of the mobilisation, occupation and liberation of Flanders. Not to be missed!

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